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Joyce W. Butler

I’m Joyce W. Butler, a nurse, health advocate, and nationally board-certified health and wellness coach passionate about helping people lead healthier, more vibrant lives. I show my clients how to reach measurable goals, reduce stress, and find a deeper sense of clarity and well-being.
Joyce W Butler

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Welcome! My name is Joyce W. Butler. I have a Masters in Nursing with a specialty in Nursing and Health Education and a Doctorate in Health Administration. For over 38 years as a Registered Nurse, I’ve provided direct care and services to families, adults, seniors, and prenatal/postpartum. I have also served in nursing administration, providing management, leadership, and staff development to patient care teams and providers.

Health and wellness are some of my passions. So, I became a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I strongly desire to meet people where they are and educate them on simple, practical ways to live healthier, happier lives.

I was becoming overwhelmed and burned out at work. I enjoy what I do, but for whatever reason, I felt at a standstill until I was introduced to Joyce. During our first session, I knew she was special. Her presence was peaceful and inviting; I was immediately comfortable. In the beginning, she set the tone and asked simple, quality questions that helped guide me through her process. As we moved along, we set goals and immediately created a feasible action plan. To give perspective, I chose to focus on work. I’m a design consultant, and one of my goals was to reach $1 million in sales for 2022. I have reached $1.85 million, close to $2 million, and I no longer feel overwhelmed or burned out.

Thank you, Joyce! Your way of thinking is like no other person I’ve met. You are truly special.

Edwina M.

Design Consultant